Swatch Dog Mockup
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“Definition of a dog: Not a cat” – Baldrick, Blackadder III
Don't worry we like cats too, but if you love dogs enough to paint them all over your walls, then this stencil is for you! Part of the proceeds of the sale of each of the Play stencil, will go to support a local animal rescue organization, Secondhand Hounds.
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Product Description

We want to Rock your Gypsy Soul with Gypsy Mint stencils!

Our stencils are easy to use and come with detailed instructions.
All stencils are made from high quality, durable, and reusable .010” mylar.
Each sheet measures 24’’ x 36’’.
Registration marks are built into each design allowing to repeatable. It’s easy as pie…probably even easier than making pie.
You can message us with any questions you have along your painty journey

Items necessary for your stencil installation
Foam wiz roller and or stencil brush.
Painters tape, paint tray, detail brushes, drop cloth. Paint! We love Benjamin Moore Aura paints in a matte finish.
Spray adhesive (not necessary… but usually makes the process easier, and lines crisper. (Highly recommended for ceilings.) We like to use Krylon Spray Tack.

Tips to becoming a pro
*If painting large areas we recommend getting 2 or more stencils (Bigger than a bedroom)
*If you are new to stenciling practice on some cardboard or paper until you get a feel for how much paint you need on your roller.

Where can I apply a stencil?
You can make such an impact with stencils on any surface of your home or business. Choose any color combination of your wildest imagination and pattern your floor, ceiling, walls, furniture, artwork, stationery/ invitations, to party decor such as a hand-painted photo backdrop or table cloths and so much more. As long as it’s flat, you can stencil that.

You can totally do this, trust me! Remember that is it just paint!
Follow/ Friend/ Hashtag us on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest to keep up to date with inspiration/ custom projects/ special offers and all that good stuff. If you are purchasing a Gypsy Mint Stencil we would love to see and share your final projects!

Not seeing what you are looking for? Email us at with your inspiration- we would love to help you with your custom project!

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Additional Information

Actual Stencil Size:

24” x 36”

Actual Stencil Pattern:

* Specific size can be seen on scale reference below product image

Single Layer Stencil on

10 mil mylar