What’s UNDER your stencil!

Base Wall

The base wall can be as important as the stencil itself.  Think “Outside The Box” when planning your overall look.  Check out these ideas to knock your project out of the park.

The Morrocan Wall Stencil
The Morrocan

Basic Paint

Well, of course the most common base beneath a stencil is plain ‘ol paint.  The infinite color options can make your dreams come true.  We gypsies like to recommend a paint finish that is low sheen or flat.  Low sheen finishes provide the least amount of bleeding (paint seeping under the back side of the stencil) risk.  Bleeding can occur when your roller or stencil brush is too saturated in paint. 

Tip:  By using a light tack spray (on the back of the stencil) and a light application of stencil paint the bleeding issue is almost eliminated.

Have Some Stencil Confidence?

If you are feeling “STENCIL CONFIDENT”, some really cool effects can be achieved UNDER the stencil application.  So, before you even pick up the stencil here are some easy looks that you can apply to the wall. 

Dot Dot Wall Stencil
Dot Dot

Sponge:  Apply a solid base color of paint.  Using a sea sponge, dip sponge into a second color (not too far off from first color) and apply randomly, constantly moving the direction of the sponge and rotating the sponge in your hand. 

Tip:  Do not over-saturate the sponge with paint.


Stacked Tile Wall Stencil
Stacked Tile

 Blending:  Use multiple mini rollers with multiple paint colors.  Move the rollers in all directions while blending the wet paint. 

Tip:  Do not use colors that are too dramatically different from each other in color (or you’ll end up with your grandmothers idea of faux finishing!)

Ink Blot Wall Stencil
Ink Blot

Tools such as rags, large brushes, wallpaper brushes … even your hands can achieve some awesome eye-catching effects which give depth and interest.  

Tip:  Use paint sparingly and apply more layers for more opacity and deeper colors.

Once these base finishes are dry, apply your stencil over the top!

Be sure to have a detail brush handy for a little touch up when complete.

Have Fun, remember: IT’S ONLY PAINT!

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