Spring Tile Projects? Try a Stencil Instead.

Subway Tile Stencil

What does Spring mean besides sunny, warm weather?  If you’re lucky, it means your tax refund!  If you’re already considering using that tax refund to update a few things around the house, you may want to consider adding stencils to that list. You need only allocate a small fraction of your refund toward stenciling.

Stencils can be used is a variety of ways. For example, this is a stunning picture showcasing a customer’s talent using our Subway Tile Stencil.  This stencil allows you to create a classic look that adds some great life to a room that, let’s face it, we end up spending a lot of time in.  The Subway Tile design is a perfect, simple to accomplish, touch for this very necessary room in your home.

The cost savings of using a simple stencil pattern versus installing tile is brilliant!  For the cost of our 24” x 36“ stencil, a stencil brush, and a quart of paint this kind of stencil project will run you less than $100. Think of that cost versus what you would pay for actual subway tile and then hiring someone to install it for you.  Don’t overlook the fact that you will have a fun afternoon creating with the stencil. Your end-result will bring you many hours of joy and it will save many hundreds of dollars!

In addition to savings you lots of money, stencils also offer you flexibility! It’s simply paint on your wall when you use a stencil and not tile. If you decide you’re sick of the look in five years, it is very simple to change. Just paint over the design. You’ll also notice, in the photo, there is now ridge that tile would cause on the wall. The photos are laying nice and flat on the wall and won’t move and bump when a breeze blows by from your laundry room door.

Check out our online store and see the great options we have in tile looks. From this lovely subway version to 4” squares and even stacked subway tile version are all available.

Where could you use a little something in your home? Laundry room, bathroom, kitchen backsplash? The ideas and uses for stencils are endless.

Stencils + Pattern + Paint = Fabulous