Perfect Patterning

pattern: noun pat·tern \ ˈpa-tərn \
Definition: a form or model proposed for imitation

You may ask yourself, “When should I use a pattern and where?” Our answer, of course, is use pattern often and anywhere. Your home or office is crying for something different and a pattern can provide just that little something extra to make the space amazing.

Custom Stencil by Gypsy Mint Stencil Co.
Custom Stencil by Gypsy Mint Stencil Co.

Adding interest to your walls can be achieved in many ways. Different colors, textures, and of course patterns! The possibilities are literally endless, so let your creativity out on this one. Since prehistoric times when humans were living in caves, we have been adding patterns to our walls. The most current trend it to match a wall pattern to a fabric. If you have a fabulous pattern in your bed linen, window treatment, or upholstered chair you may want to consider using it on your wall too! We gypsies suggest tweaking the original design just a bit though to add a bit more interest. That slight change will ensure a fresh look. The design may need to be enlarged (see example) or simplified to give your walls the impact you desire. The color may need to be changed a little, just enough for the patterns to complement each other without being the same.

Different effects can be achieved with paint and pattern as well.

Have fun with it, remember … It’s Only Paint!