We LOVE Focal Walls

Everybody has them... that special little place in your home, apartment or business that could use a little love. Pattern and paint can be a perfect way to bring the attention you are looking for. The square footage can be small, but oh how the impact can be grand!                    

Custom? OH we do custom wall stencils!

There are times when you want your walls adorned ... with SOMETHING, but you're not sure what.  You may have flipped through countless wallpaper books and walked away with nothing.  A customized stencil is your answer! We love taking your inspiration and creating the design you love.  YOU take it from there and add the color or colors to round out the design. The process you ask?  Send us a picture, along with the questionnaire from our website.  We shoot y...

Gypsy Mint – Savour

Gypsy Mint Stencil Company
What do you get when a seasoned interior designer and young fine arts major collaborate on a business concept? As it turns out, a brilliant idea to combine the flexibility and ease of updating spaces with the latest color palate and custom stencil patterns - a Gypsy Mint partnership, of course! Read More!