Stencil: A PERFECT solution for Babies Rooms!

A cozy and charming nursery isn’t just for your new baby to enjoy. It’s also for you to love during those middle-of-the night visits. Along with babies comes a lot of “stuff” such as a crib, bassinet, changing table, and rocking chair. Don’t forget to also bring “ambiance” to this special place.  Creating a fun, fanciful focal wall can pull everything together. 

Sir Giraffe’s A Lot - featured
Sir Giraffe’s A Lot – featured

Stencils are a wonderful way to add some whimsy and personality to a room. The best part about using a stencil for this task is your ability to use color combinations and patterns that suit you. You’re not stuck with whatever the wallpaper manufacturer decided would be the best color for a given pattern.

Penant and Moby - featured
Penant and Moby – featured

Just picture a clean palate with little happy pastel giraffes dancing on the walls.  Or for a more mono-chrome feeling – gray giraffes on a soft white base.  Changing the paint color gives you artistic freedom and can greatly influence the finished appearance. Get creative with your projects. Happy stenciling!

Whatever your style, consider this equation:

A stencil + a quart of paint + an afternoon = the perfect mood for your little darling.

(All for under $100!)

And don’t forget – If you have a special design in mind, give us a shout.  We love to customize our stencils to fit your dreams.

Before the Holiday panic sets in – remember that you have PLENTY of time to fit a DIY project in!