2018 Trending Colors & Stencil Patterns

With the first quarter of 2018 behind us … (wow, can’t believe that) …  it’s a great time to think about refreshing your spaces.  Spring brings renew.  Refresh with paint at a time when you can throw open the sashes and let the fresh air in while doing it!

Flower Petal Stencil

Of course, anyone embracing change knows that sometimes it’s easier said than done.  You know you want something new but knowing where to start is the hard part!  To help, we’ve pulled together some ideas on current trending color. New colors coupled with our stencils make for a great refresh project for your space.

Even though trending colors haven’t shifted too much from 2017, it’s nice to know what is still in style.  Neutrals are dominating the scene.  However, there is a slight twist.  Savvy DIYers are adding a punch of pattern and color.  The punch can be found just about anywhere – in a sofa pillow, a small throw rug, or a stencil pattern application.

A splash of green or blue are two of the most trending colors in 2018.  Greens are ranging anywhere from Kelly to Emerald.  Blues cover the spectrum from Turquoise to Classic Navy.  What’s so great about these palates?  These hues work beautifully with your existing neutrals from the last few years.

How much color to use, you ask?  Honestly, as much or as little as you like.  It needn’t be an entire room.  Try a focal wall on for size (see example).  A coffee table that’s looking a little too “loved” might be a perfect place for a small pattern.  Don’t even get us started on the possibilities for an old and worn porch floor. Paint + stencils = AWESOME.

If you’re not used to adding splashes of color, it’s a good idea to first bring a few colors into your room and live with them for a day or two.  Look at them in various lights. Morning, evening, sunny and cloudy light will make the colors shift a bit and you want to be sure you’ll love the color in any kind of light.  A small investment of a sample quart painted on a sample board will help you land on the hue that is perfect for you!